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Reusable, Bugs

A fun little NAV humour themed article is out from MS Dynamics NAV team today:

Enjoy a lighter day :).

Copying NAV Objects Between Databases

A quick trick for today - one of these things that even NAV veterans are not aware of, but might be useful and time saving

If you need to transfer the objects between NAV databases, how would you do it? The most obvious answer would be - export and import them from the object designer. That's something NAV specialists don't even stop to think about.

Well, what if I told you, that you can simply copy/paste them? Like this: ...

Dynamics NAV C/AL Coding Guidelines from Microsoft Team

This is just in - after a long hiatus of not having an up to date version of NAV C/AL coding guidelines, Microsoft has released them on the Dynamics Community website, here: The guidelines are current as of January 2015.

Unicode Captions in Dynamics NAV 2015 (and 2013 R2)

I don't know how I managed to miss this with all the "What's New in NAV 2015" and "What's New in NAV 2013" workshops I was preparing over the last few years, but I did.

Recently, a colleague pointed me to this MSDN article on NAV: "How to: Add Translated Strings for Conflicting Text Encoding Formats". Once I have read midway into the artice, I realised - this feature is so much more than what the title says! What it really should say, is ....

Adding User Account in NAV 2013 via SQL

If you have been working with NAV for quite some time, you've definitely been in this situation: you have just received a NAV DB backup from a customer or colleague, restored on your local machine, tried to login, and... oops, the user does not exist or is invalid. Well, actually native NAV backups would let you add a user before you closed the client after backup restore (how many of you closed it and had to restart the process all over again? :)).

NAV 2013 - What's New: FAQ Intro

Since autumn 2012, I have been travelling quite a lot to hold workshops on NAV 2013 (a.k.a. NAV 7). The material for the workshop was gathered all around the place - Microsoft's presentations, Partner Source content, community blogs and in-house expertise. But, no matter how many things you read, try yourself or learn, there's always something new to be discovered out there. After each of the sessions, I was left with at least a half-page of questions on NAV 2013 that I couldn't answer right away. So, every time, I was delving back into the source material to dig up the answers.

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