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004 GmbH NAV Upgrade

The Case

004 GmbH is a company based in Germany, providing a unique E-Commerce SaaS Platform plus Operational Services built on top of a multilayered software solution, which includes Dynamics NAV ERP system. Their service portfolio and E-Commerce platform features had seen constant additions and improvements over the years, which is evident by some big brand names among their customers.

As part of their recent solution improvement project, 004 GmbH needed to upgrade their Dynamics NAV system. Since the NAV team is usually busy with the steady flow of improvements being rolled out, they started looking for external resources to bring in on the upgrade project.

The Solution

B3 Technologies was one of the NAV services providers contacted by 004 GmbH and was soon after contracted to do the work. With B3 Technologies employees already having extensive experience with Dynamics NAV upgrades, the outsourcing process went smoothly and efficiently. 004 GmbH representative had this to say about the collaboration:

“We have contacted B3 Technologies midway through our upgrade project, when it became clear that we might not meet the deadlines for some of the tasks. With the help of NAV professionals from their team, we were able to offload the extra work from our people and finish the project according to the plan.”  -- Arne Heuschmann, CIO, 004 GmbH

The Outcome

By outsourcing parts of their Dynamics NAV upgrade effort to B3 Technologies, 004 GmbH managed to stay on top of an increased need for resources during a critical Dynamics NAV project. Having successfully finished their current upgrade, they have marked B3 Technologies as a service provider to go to, in case a similar need arises in the future.

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