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NAV 2013 - What's New: FAQ Intro

Since autumn 2012, I have been travelling quite a lot to hold workshops on NAV 2013 (a.k.a. NAV 7). The material for the workshop was gathered all around the place - Microsoft's presentations, Partner Source content, community blogs and in-house expertise. But, no matter how many things you read, try yourself or learn, there's always something new to be discovered out there. After each of the sessions, I was left with at least a half-page of questions on NAV 2013 that I couldn't answer right away. So, every time, I was delving back into the source material to dig up the answers. They were meant to be sent to the attendees of my past workshops, but with each passing session that list grew and I didn't want to become a major spam source :). So, instead of resending the ever growing "FAQ", I have decided clean it up and put on the web, therefore giving back to the whole NAV community. 

Now, with NAV 2013 R2 release around the corner, I have been hard at work preparing the update for the "What's New NAV 2013" workshops. This seems like a perfect time to make series of blog posts on what's new in NAV 2013, as I am sure they will be followed by FAQ content on NAV 2013 R2.

So, without further ado, here's the first post: NAV 2013 - What's New, FAQ, Part 1.


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